With a long family history that goes back many generations in this area it pains me to see the impact that government neglect is having on our area. The two major parties are simply not up to the job anymore. I can no longer sit back and watch this happen and have decided to run for the state seat of Cairns.

It is time we had a voice in parliament again, not puppets of faceless party machines from Canberra. By posting media releases on this blog the people of Cairns can determine if we have policies and concepts that they agree with.

I ask you to join me in ensuring that Cairns and Far North Queensland gets a fair go.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Who's accountable for the failure resulting in $16m QldHealth fraud

It would appear no one at all. Imagine what that money could have done for services at Cairns Base Hospital.
Given how much the DG of Queensland Health is paid, why aren't they being held accountable for this?
As the Auditor-General missed this ENORMOUS fraud why aren't they being held acountable for this?
The internal investigation found the initial part of the alleged fraud could not be substantiated. Why aren't those investigators being held accountable for this?
As the Health Minister who is totally oblivious to what is going on in his own department, the person responsible at the end of the day for the effective use of tax payer funds why isn't he being held accountable for this?
The buck stops with the head of our state. The Premier needs to take action against those that stuffed up then as the Premier she should be held accountable for this monumental fail. In any private company in the world all of the above people would be asked to resign or be sacked for incompetence. Yes this was a criminal act committed by a person that needs to face these allegations, but this demonstrates gaping holes in the accountability of a major government department, lack of safety procedures and back ups to protect taxpayers funds and a government that can no longer govern this state.
I think Queenslanders also deserve to know, given the hobknobbing by the individual alleged to have committed these offences, has there been any political donations made by this person, attendance at cash for access political dinners etc given it would have been on tax payer money.


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